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The Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences (COU) was founded in Odessa in 1997 by citizens of the Ukraine and Russia. The founders were scientists and active leaders in the Christian community. The university is registered at the Department of Law in the City and State of Odessa as an inter-denominational, spiritually defined higher educational institution. Its intention is to provide full-time, correspondence and distant learning for everyone who is interested in higher education. Every curriculum of the Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences is built on Christian values. Students have the possibility to study such subjects as Christian Faith Fundamentals, Christian World View, Christian History and Philosophy, Christian Ethics, the Study of the Bible and much more.


  In the history of our country the COU is the first Ukrainian higher educational institution that offers students a high level professional education on a purposefully chosen spiritual background. The wide range of subjects includes Theology, Economics, Law, Psychology, Journalism, Linguistics and International Relations. With professional expertise our instructors prepare the students for their future successful work as multi-language interpreters, NGO and business administration managers, marketing specialists, international business, specialists in customs administration, PR managers, computer and vector graphics designers, and others.

The COU is the first public university in our country that is successfully introducing modern and state-of-the-art higher education concepts of other countries without getting into conflict with the Ukrainian law. According to its statutes the COU is financed by donations and the generous sponsorship of friends and members of the institution. Teaching staff and students come from almost all Christian confessions and denominations: Orthodox, Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Adventist, Presbyterian, and Evangelical Free Churches.

The students come not only from every corner of the Ukraine but also from countries like Russia, the USA, Canada, Germany, Byelorussia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Lebanon, Spain, Congo, India, and Bangladesh. The concept of Christian university education stands in a long tradition. Its history goes back more than nine centuries.
During the last decades Christian universities obviously take the top positions in the world rating of higher educational institutions. Only to name some of the most prominent ones: Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Columbia. It seems to be symptomatic that also representatives of the NationalAcademy of Science of Ukraineteach at the COU.

We are convinced that the academic sciences play a major role in the future development of our country. The well balanced combination of Classical and academic education at the COU seems to be the ideal approach.


It is no secret that our university differs from other higher educational institutions by its expressively high spirituality and a quality of instruction you rarely find in our country. Today it also has an outstanding position and responsibility in the Center of Humanitarian Education of the Academy of Science of Ukraine

Among the lecturers of our institution there are seven members of academy, more than 25 professors, 59 doctors of science, and a big group of post-graduate students and talented practical workers. Thanks to signed agreements with the Moscow Humanitarian and Economy Institute, as well as with the American David Livingstone University of Florida, our university focuses on world standards in higher education. Not only Ukrainian and Russian but also Western standards are guaranteed. Students graduating from the COU receive a diploma that claims standards like those of comparable institutions in the USA and Austria or state universities in the Ukraine and Russia.


Additionally it seems important to mention that our Master's and Bachelor's programs in Theology, Law, Economics, Psychology, Linguistics and Journalism are accredited by the International Council of Higher Education in Zurich, Switzerland. As part of a group of higher educational Ukrainian institutions the COU had the privilege to participate in EDUCATION 2002 at the World Exhibition in Paris.
The subjects for students of the Institute of International Business and for the students of Linguistics Department at the HGEU are taught in English on a Western quality level. Many of them are taught by mother-tongue instructors. Besides the educational departments the COU can also be proud of some scientific research institutes. Among them there is the Institute of Complex Problems of Marine Management and Scientific-Technological Progress. The institute can look back to more than twenty years of history.
For significant contributions to the revival of spirituality, sciences and culture our university has been awarded with the St. Sofia Order. For extraordinary services and achievements in the field of humanity and the preparation of professionals we also received the internationally highly respected Oxford "Millennium Award". Today many of our graduates work successfully in government, public, religious and commercial structures. Their extraordinary professional and moral preparations for the job make a big difference in our society. We believe that many others will follow.
Collaborative innovative project: Scientific and Educational Complex “Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences (Odessa, Ukraine) – American David Livingstone University of Florida (Miami, USA)” ( was founded in 2009.
We have the honor to be represented by our rector, 

Professor P.O. Kryzhanovskyi, Doctor of Economics and Member of the UFAS
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